Cuisine & Menu

From the depths of the Aegean sea and into the masterful hands of Chef Dimitris Nikolis, simple and pure ingredients are transformed into canvases of culinary art.  Aegean cuisine reinvented, remodeled into tasteful and intriguing paintings of flavor,  served in one of Greece’s most scenic locations.

Our Chef

Born in a coastal village of Evoia, and raised by the sea, Chef Dimitris Nikolis knows all about fish and Aegean cuisine.

Chef Nikolis is all about balance.

A delicate fusion of the freshest ingredients that Greece can produce, combined with mellow Oriental & Japanese flavors and colors. Savory dishes that transcend Greek Aegean Cuisine, and evolve into an atmospheric canvas of flavors.

Chef Nikolis is currently the executive chef of TechnoInox Slr.


Barbarossa Sushi Bar.

Japanese delicacy combined with fresh fish from the Aegean Sea

Barbarossa Sushi Bar began its course 2 years ago when it was decided to implement Aegean sea’s fresh fish with Japanese cuisine. Rich & colorful servings aiming to satisfy the most demanding Sushi lovers. Complemented with fresh salads and delicious tartar made from salmon, tuna, seabream, accompanied with delicate sauces.

Of course, all sushi goodness is present.

Sashimi & Nigiri, made from fresh salmon, tuna, seabream, amberjack, shrimps, eel.

Maki Sushi, fresh fish delicately rolled in seaweeds.

Inside Out Rolls, the likes of crab Dragon Rolls, with Philadelphia and salmon, Rainbow Rolls with crab and fresh fish fillets, Tempura Rolls with fried shrimps.

Temaki, Japanese sticks with seaweeds, rice, and fresh fish stuffing